laptop graphic with "spring cleaning" on the screen

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Presence

The last bit of snow has melted in Michigan and the signs of spring are in the air! You might be tackling spring cleaning around the house or your office, but are you tidying up your digital spaces? Take some time to clean up your digital presence personally and professionally with these helpful tips:  Audit … Continued

New to digital marketing? Don’t fret.

Your guide to all things digital marketing Digital marketing is: • Engaging    • Effective    • Cost-efficient  But let’s get real — while there are virtually endless opportunities for what you can do with digital marketing, it can be confusing and hard to figure out where to start. And with all of the digital jargon flying … Continued

The DDA “Back to Business” Digital Marketing Program  

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors last spring, many of us sprung into action providing any support we could — ordering extra takeout from local eateries, buying gift cards online, showing our support through social media.  The Delhi Downtown Development Authority (DDA), one of BCP’s MVP clients, decided to support … Continued

Go Green. Go Live!

Finding a new channel for alumni engagement For many marketers, the shut-down in the spring forced us to be more creative, strategic and agile than we ever had before. How do you create and engage an online-only community? How do you cut through the noise of and endless social media stream?  The Michigan State University … Continued

These geofencing ads are pun-believable!

This past summer, the Holt Farmers Market was looking for a new way to increase awareness and boost foot traffic. In years past, the farmers market team relied heavily on billboards. While they were satisfied with their results overall, they were searching for a more targeted approach to generate even more buzz and track direct … Continued

Reputation Management: How BCP can help you improve customer relations

What you say about your brand online is important for your organization’s success. Equally as important is what others say about you. Approximately 72 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. Fifteen percent of online users always check reviews, and four out of five consumers have reversed a … Continued

MSU HealthTeam Geofencing Case Study

If you’ve chatted with any member of our digital team over the past few months, you’ve probably heard us rave about geofencing Geofencing is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology in common use today. This technology targets users in specific geographic locations using smartphone GPS signals (which is easier than you’d think considering more … Continued

CASE Credit Union: A case study in social media success

In the world of social media marketing, it may seem like you need to sell drool-worthy donuts or cute athletic wear to generate followers or see results. But CASE Credit Union’s digital marketing strategy is proof that social media success is about much more than just pretty pictures. Over the past year, BCP has had … Continued

How to help your brand shine on Instagram

This year, Instagram became the fastest-growing social media channel, reaching one billion daily users and envy-worthy growth rates. This booming platform relies on stunning, interactive images and a slew of hashtags to generate social communities and movements that span across the country and the world. Brands like Airbnb, Tesla, and Nike use Instagram to tell … Continued