Work Hard, Play Hard

Here at BCP, we see summer as a great time to reconnect with our friends and family and recharge so we’re at our creative best.

If you’re getting one of our auto responses on email, here’s what we’re probably doing:


“I love to fish in the evening, and into the night. The stars out on the lake are amazing. The fish are incidental.”


“Camping is my happy place, plus biking and spending time outdoors.”


“My favorite summer activities are going to the lakehouse to visit my folks on Bear Lake, golfing (poorly), and hanging out on a patio or deck with a drink.”


“In the summer, my favorite activity is exploring new places around Michigan with our little crew.”


“Spending time outdoors – mostly camping, hiking, and gardening.”


“My favorite summer activity is traveling around Michigan with Buddy and Connor. We love to camp, visit lighthouses, and of course local breweries.”


“In the summer, you can find me traveling around the state and country (#weddingseason), in a body of water (pool or lake, whichever’s closer) or on a patio drinking my favorite seasonal beer (Perrin Grapefruit IPA). But mostly, you’ll find me in the air conditioning – preferably, a brewery.”