From The Green Couch – Episode 3 – A Conversation with Business Coach Barry Demp: Part 1

Barry Demp knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a stand-out employee. Over his 26-year career, he has coached thousands of individuals and organizations, helping them to improve their businesses and achieve personal excellence. We chatted with Barry about building successful habits, taking advantage of strengths and weaknesses and finding life … Continued

From The Green Couch – Episode 2 – Communicating with Jeff Blohm

When it comes to office communication, the little things are the big things. In this podcast, president and owner of BCP, Jeff Blohm, discusses how everyday conversations can help build a culture of authenticity and transparency in your workspace, and how you can reap the benefits of this culture at every level of the corporate … Continued

From The Green Couch – Episode 1 – How to be a Kick A** Intern

What the career center will never tell you about how to survive (and thrive) during an internship. Our former digital marketing intern, Nareh Vartanian, chats about what she’s learned from interning at BCP while Kylie Rogers-Strahan and Catherine Ferland chat about their perspective from the other side. For more, visit Follow us on Facebook, … Continued