Spring Cleaning Your Digital Presence

laptop graphic with "spring cleaning" on the screen

The last bit of snow has melted in Michigan and the signs of spring are in the air! You might be tackling spring cleaning around the house or your office, but are you tidying up your digital spaces? Take some time to clean up your digital presence personally and professionally with these helpful tips: 

Audit your social media profiles:

Before you do anything: take an inventory of your social profiles.

While this might be obvious, consider that your social media profiles extend beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You might have a LinkedIn or Pinterest page, YouTube or Vimeo account, Pinterest, or a blog on Medium or Tumblr. If there are networks you’re no longer using, make sure they are still under your company’s control, and delete or deactivate if you no longer want them. Taking note of these can also help you discover other opportunities that might be a perfect fit for your organization. From there, decide on which platforms will be your top priorities. 

Make sure your profiles are consistent:

Check in with your bios on each platform – are they up-to-date and relevant? Are you using the same language across each platform? Do you have the necessary information on each profile, with consistent profile pictures? 

Update privacy settings:

For personal profiles, check out your account settings. If you want to minimize access to your personal data, limit what the public can see, including photos, posts, locations, phone numbers, emails, and birth dates. 

Define your goals for each platform:

Once you have a handle on your handles, reassess what your specific goals are for each platform. These can include increasing brand awareness, generating leads and sales, increasing engagement with your audience, growing your followers, or increasing traffic to your website. This will help you better understand what actions to take on each platform, and what metrics to keep in mind. 

Remove content that could damage your reputation:

Keep in mind that you can also create a bad digital reputation through shares and reposts – these words and ideas become connected with you. Evaluate your personal and professional posts for privacy risks and negative content, and edit and delete as necessary. 

Need help with being strategic on social media this spring? BCP can help you perform a full social media audit, including digging into important data and analytics to make sure you’re on the right track and reaching the right audience. Learn more about our social media marketing services here