Jingle bells rock

We’ve been snowing and blowing up bushels of fun at the BCP office. Did you receive your BCP Holiday card yet? We hope it brought you a laugh (or two…or four) and that it graces your office/tree/car/water cooler for the duration of the holiday season. We have so much fun designing our annual gifts and … Continued

Wishing a happy retirement to our dear friend

Few people wear as many professional hats, and wear them as well, as Ginnie Perry. Backed by a razor-sharp wit and a well-seasoned set of marketing chops, Ginnie is the type of marketer that knows you better than you know yourself. For her 19 years as an account executive and lead copywriter, she has found … Continued

Client Collaboration: Kylie presents at national conference with L.O. Eye Care

This past November, Kylie Rogers-Strahan traveled down to New Orleans to present at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s national conference. No, Kylie doesn’t lead a double life as an ophthalmologist. But eye care practices, just like any other business, can benefit from smart, strategic social media marketing. She traveled with L.O. Eye Care’s Lisa Rentz, … Continued

MSU Accounting Newsletter: A sneak-peek into our creative process

How do we show the future of accounting education, when it hasn’t even happened yet? The Department of Accounting and Information Systems at MSU wanted to take their annual newsletter to the next level. The world of accounting is changing fast, which means programs like MSU’s need to stay competitive as they educate the next … Continued

Welcome to our newest BCPer

Catherine Ferland joined us back in October as our new copywriter and digital specialist. She studied digital journalism at MSU, but is quickly learning the ropes of creative advertising and marketing. Her first love is writing (she started out as a writer for the MSU Alumni Magazine), but has also been known to geek out … Continued

MSU AgBioResearch tackles food issues

Food. Whether it’s eating, choosing, preparing or daydreaming about it, food takes up a lot of time in our days and space in our brains. And it doesn’t help that we’re so inundated with food information, it’s hard to know what advice to follow. Enter the latest issue of Futures, the magazine of Michigan State … Continued

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Everyone knows you need a business plan, yet many forget about a strong marketing plan that incorporates both traditional and digital marketing. According to the Managing Digital Marketing study by Smart Insights, 44 percent of brands don’t have a defined digital plan integrated into their overall marketing plan. In an ever-changing digital landscape, success in … Continued

GLFB Website

The Power of Digital

Food bank’s online donations increased 50 percent The Greater Lansing Food Bank’s holiday envelope campaign is its single largest fundraising effort each year. And for 20-plus years, BCP has been proud to partner with the GLFB, developing the campaign’s creative and the media strategy. This year, we really beefed up the digital—thank you, Kylie, our … Continued

Branding From the Inside Out

Your staff knows something’s up. There are more meetings than usual, agency types are walking in with presentation pieces, and rumors are floating around about a new logo or maybe even a new name. Your employees may not say anything, but they’ve noticed. They may have concerns about what’s going on and what it means … Continued


You’re looking at the first issue of our first-ever BCP newsletter! Why? Because even though you know us, you may not know all of us—or all of what we do. So this is a way to share interesting projects, spotlight client successes, and pass along occasional tips and educational info from our industry. We hope … Continued