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The Power of Digital

Food bank’s online donations increased 50 percent The Greater Lansing Food Bank’s holiday envelope campaign is its single largest fundraising effort each year. And for 20-plus years, BCP has been proud to partner with the GLFB, developing the campaign’s creative and the media strategy. This year, we really beefed up the digital—thank you, Kylie, our … Continued

Branding From the Inside Out

Your staff knows something’s up. There are more meetings than usual, agency types are walking in with presentation pieces, and rumors are floating around about a new logo or maybe even a new name. Your employees may not say anything, but they’ve noticed. They may have concerns about what’s going on and what it means … Continued


You’re looking at the first issue of our first-ever BCP newsletter! Why? Because even though you know us, you may not know all of us—or all of what we do. So this is a way to share interesting projects, spotlight client successes, and pass along occasional tips and educational info from our industry. We hope … Continued

Shakespeare and the English Language (Or How Shakespeare Helps You Talk)

“She’s the end-all, be-all of the sport.” “You know, as luck would have it…” “Oh, I’m waiting with bated breath.” These and many other phrases are critical to the flow of our language. They provide humor and irony to our conversations. They bail us out when our vocabulary is failing to come up with that … Continued

Retargeting and Why Your Brand Needs It

“This crock pot I was looking at keeps following me around, it’s the weirdest thing,” my client said. I proceeded to ask, “so, did you buy it?” His answer, like many online users, “yes, I purchased the item.” “Mission accomplished,” I said! It’s not a coincidence; these ads follow shoppers around- it’s called retargeting. And … Continued

Give Your Work a Once-over. Twice.

As a copywriter/editor at BCP, I’ve also become the resident proofreader. Pretty much everything from the tiniest ad to the thickest publication comes through me and my red pen. So let me share just a few words about proofreading: Do it. Not to save me the effort. Honest. It’s just that nothing can undermine your … Continued