#EmployeeSpotlight campaign drives user engagement

This past year, BCP had the honor of working with CASE Credit Union to create content for their ongoing #EmployeeSpotlight campaign. BCP shot a series of videos of various across CASE’s branch locations. We asked employees what they do, why they’re passionate about their jobs and fun get-to-know-you questions. We leveraged the video interviews into … Continued

Stories That Last a Lifetime: Traditional Media in a Digital Media Age

In a world of bite-sized tweets, on-the-go scrolling, and ever-shifting digital media trends are traditional media still relevant? In this episode, we chatted with Paula Davenport, editor of Spartan magazine at Michigan State University. Paula has more than 40 years of experience in the journalism and strategic communication worlds and has seen firsthand how the … Continued

Say hello to Nicole!

She’s a fast-paced problem-solver with a heart of gold. As our new account coordinator, Nicole assists the account executives with day-to-day client communication and project management and is diving into the world of integrated marketing strategy.  Nicole came to us from the insurance world where she masterfully managed a full plate of business accounts and … Continued

The best way to spread holiday cheer

Is kazooing loud for all to hear! Has your mailbox been graced with our special holiday gift yet?  Repeat the sounding joy with the smooth, comforting sounds of the BCP 2020x, our custom-designed holiday kazoo. Perfect for a memorable Christmas carol solo, causing treble at your office holiday party and striking just the right tone … Continued

“Authentic” Marketing: Influencer Marketing on the Local Level

Ever felt tempted to buy something because you saw someone on Instagram rocking it? It’s called influencer marketing and it’s completely transforming the way brands reach and market to individual segments of their target audience. Brooke Cummings, aka My Casual Mom, is a Lansing-area lifestyle blogger and social media influencer for several local and national … Continued

These geofencing ads are pun-believable!

This past summer, the Holt Farmers Market was looking for a new way to increase awareness and boost foot traffic. In years past, the farmers market team relied heavily on billboards. While they were satisfied with their results overall, they were searching for a more targeted approach to generate even more buzz and track direct … Continued

The new kid on the BCP block

Meet Carly, our newest graphic designer.  Carly adds a feminine touch and a fresh perspective to our design team. Mastering the latest design trend and seeing it in action is the spice of her life. She came to us from Datapak Services Corporation in Howell where she illustrated designs and branding elements for retail swag, … Continued

A fresh look at the Michigan Apples harvest guide

We’ve worked with Michigan Apples for more than 20 years on everything from newspaper ads, posters, and pamphlets, to large-scale ad campaigns, educational guides, publications, and annual reports. We’ve also worked with them on brand overhauls, including small tweaks every few years to keep the brand fresh and engaging. Each year, one of our favorite … Continued

DIY marketing for your side hustle

In this episode, we’ll learn more about the art of the side hustle and how to attract and engage new clients. We chatted with Ashley Keimach, manager of member engagement at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and side hustle extraordinaire (all hail the queen), about how her tips and tricks for launching a successful side … Continued

Unicorn tears and other digital marketing challenges: Reputation management

Hear from our digital team about online reputation management, what it is, and why it’s important to help your business survive and thrive in the digital marketplace. Check out our FREE online reputation analysis here! For more, visit https://blohmcreative.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.