These geofencing ads are pun-believable!

This past summer, the Holt Farmers Market was looking for a new way to increase awareness and boost foot traffic. In years past, the farmers market team relied heavily on billboards. While they were satisfied with their results overall, they were searching for a more targeted approach to generate even more buzz and track direct conversions.

We recommended a summer-long geofencing campaign, targeting prospective patrons in the neighborhoods surrounding the market. We set our creative team loose coming up with an innovative approach. The result was a lighthearted, whimsical set of ads featuring everyone’s favorite literary device — food-related puns.

(Shoutout to Tim, our creative director, who spearheaded the effort. You the real MVP 👏)

This campaign generated 309,590 impressions, 694 clicks on the Holt Farmers Market website, and 153 walk-ins. Here are a few of our favorite ads from the set! Enjoy!