MSU Accounting Newsletter: A sneak-peek into our creative process

How do we show the future of accounting education, when it hasn’t even happened yet?

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems at MSU wanted to take their annual newsletter to the next level. The world of accounting is changing fast, which means programs like MSU’s need to stay competitive as they educate the next generation of accountants.

So how do we turn this concept into tangible communication?

Like all projects, it starts with a conversation. No one knows a business as well as its leaders. So we sat down with the MSU Accounting team to try to understand their vision and hear their ideas.

Next, our creative team took those ideas and brainstormed different creative concepts for illustrating the future of accounting, with detailed explanations of how they would be executed. The account executive presented the ideas to the client.

The MSU Accounting team decided to go in the direction of futuristic touch-screens, à la Tom Cruise.

Then, we turned concept into reality.

The MSU Accounting team recruited a group of students to volunteer for the photoshoot. Special attention was paid to a professional, minimalist style of clothing and diversity, to indicate the increasingly globalized future of accounting.

The students and the creative team traveled to local photographer Tom Gennara for a studio photoshoot. At first, it was confusing for the students to point and look at imaginary screens, and hold tablet sized pieces of plexiglass during the shoot. But when we showed them the final product, including all of the work our team put into the post-editing process, they were excited to be a part of these futuristic illustrations of the future of accounting.

Before and After photoshop effect

It’s all in the details and it takes a lot of teamwork and collaboration to get projects like these done. Through extensive conversations with the client and creative brainstorming, our team was able to fine tune every detail. There’s a lot more to a publication than just a snazzy illustration, and while our team loves to tackle aesthetics, we also excel at problem solving and strategy. We deliver the same level of excellence to every aspect of every client’s project.

Do you have a tricky concept that you want to see come alive? Give us a call!