Reimagining a nursing college magazine

Last year, we began working with the Grand Valley State University Kirkhof College of Nursing (KCON) to help reimagine one of their biggest projects.

Each year, they publish a magazine, that is responsible for informing alumni, engaging prospective students, alluring potential faculty, and wowing the movers and shakers in the national nursing community.

KCON was looking to build on the years of success they found with their previous annual publication, but with a new publication name, a fresh look and feel, and content that took a wider view at how KCON fits within the national arena of nursing excellence.

This included brainstorming a new design. Alongside the KCON team, we brainstormed new names that would resonate with each of their audiences and reflect their mission to be the destination in nursing education. We eventually landed on Aspire. We pinned down exactly what type of look KCON wanted to portray in their magazine and then worked to fine-tune the design of each page to make the content sing.

BCP was also heavily involved in copywriting for the magazine. Ginnie Perry, our newly-retired copywriter, flexed her longform writing muscles and learned something new about nursing with every interview.

“Everyone knows that today’s health care landscape is changing,” she said. “But many people don’t know the diverse roles nurses play, both within and outside of the traditional critical care setting. Writing Aspire was a great opportunity to understand those roles, and to communicate how KCON nurses are making a difference in the lives of patients in every setting.”

The articles featured alumni and faculty who are making big waves in the nursing world. They also highlighted KCON’s impressive legacy of regional, national, and international impact.

The result of this labor of love? An academic magazine with the fresh, authentic touch of a journalistic publication. Minimalist page layouts make way for large photos that draw the reader in. Concise, yet comprehensive stories mean readers can soak up the most salient facts about KCON, while smoothly navigating from one article to the next.

“We are proud to work with KCON,” said Kylie Rogers-Strahan, the account executive. “We’re grateful to partner with them in energizing and empowering all corners of the nursing community.”