Give Your Work a Once-over. Twice.

As a copywriter/editor at BCP, I’ve also become the resident proofreader. Pretty much everything from the tiniest ad to the thickest publication comes through me and my red pen. So let me share just a few words about proofreading:

Do it.

Not to save me the effort. Honest. It’s just that nothing can undermine your written work — and professional credibility — faster than errors. The other day I was leafing through a local publication in a doctor’s office waiting room. After reading two or three pages, I wanted nothing more than to grab the red pen, mark every error I saw, and mail the publication to its editor without further comment. (You’ll be glad to know I resisted the impulse.)

And don’t count on spell check or grammar check, either. They’re better than nothing, but there’s no substitute for two sets of eyes. Yep, at least two. Because even proofreaders miss stuff sometimes.

And now, I’m going to proof this.

Ginnie Perry
Account Executive/ Copywriter at Blohm Creative Partners