Web & Search Engine Optimization

In order to make the most out of a robust digital marketing strategy, BCP recommends that our clients take a few simple steps to optimize their website. This would include granting BCP access to the website’s analytics so we can analyze how users travel through and interact with your website. This would also include embedding various codes into your website, allowing us to capture information on the users, and re-marketing to them with display ads at a later date (See Digital Display Ads section).

Services Offered

Website Audit

BCP will do a quick analysis of the website for the proper keyword use, mobile-friendly features, status code errors, and check for broken links. We’ll also check the traffic stats in Google Analytics. Consider improving or pruning underperforming content.

SEO Audit

We’ll determine how well your website ranks in search engine results, develop and execute an action plan, review and retest the site.

Put into words, your website ranking on search engines is equal to the combined efforts you put into email marketing, social media, web traffic, website backlinks, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Google AdWords (including pay-per-click), content marketing, and marketing strategy.

Site Navigation

We’ll analyze your website content and give suggestions on how the content can be reorganized to improve user experience.

Content Creation

We’ll write fresh copy or create new digital content to help your brand.

Landing Page Design

We’ll design landing pages that integrate with other parts of your digital marketing campaign so that we can track the traffic each ad receives and retarget those users.

A/B Testing

WE’ll design two or more variants of a page and show them to users at random. Then we’ll use a statistical analysis to determine which variation performs better for your specific conversion goal.


BCP will produce analytic reports each month detailing the analytics for your organization’s website. We’ll meet with you to discuss the findings and brainstorm ways to improve the strategy to help boost your overall web page performance and SEO.